Fire Systems

Mobile extinguishers

They are devices that contain a fire extinguishing agent that can be projected and directed on a fire by the action of an internal pressure, in order to extinguish it.

The load is the mass or volume of extinguishing agent contained in the appliance. In those of water is expressed in l. and the others in Kg.

They must be provided with a stamp plate from the Delegation of Industry, which will contain the initial ring registration number and its date, as well as the successive ones every five years. They must have a feature label indicating the products contained, the fires for which it may or may not be used, as well as the instructions for use. They must be provided with a label with the annual review of the specialized house.

Mobile fire extinguishers are only effective when fire is in its initial phase, if the extinguishing substance is adequate and if it is known to use them.

Depending on the extinguishing agent, fire extinguishers are classified into: Water, Foam, Dust, Carbon dioxide CO2, Halogenated Hydrocarbons (Halons) and Specific for Metal Fires.

SUROINCO is licensed by the JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA to install and maintain these elements and throughout our history extensive experience in this sector to advise you on the most convenient material and quantity necessary for your installation.

Fire Facilities

SUROINCO has extensive experience of firefighting facilities throughout the autonomous community of Andalusia; such as, Parkings, Hospitals, Large Warehouses, Industrial Warehouses, Shopping Centers and Large Areas and Geriatric Centers, among others. This fact supports our ability to advise you, run from small installations to large systems and take care of all the type of maintenance of the elements that make up the fire systems.

Among the main elements and systems that we install we find:

  • Fire hydrants
  • Hydrants
  • Dry columns
  • Water curtains
  • Nebulized water extinguishing systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • Sprinkler networks

SUROINCO designs, calculates, installs and certifies the fire system necessary for your place to protect, with extensive experience in this field, ensures you obtain the best quality-price result with the highest coverage and least expense.