For whom is Suroinco?


Suroinco works every day to prevent your family from falling victim to the thousands of cases we see every day in the news. We believe that the fact that you can live and sleep peacefully is one of our main goals as a security company.
Our goal is to create a set of security elements that effectively protect and deter from the outside of the house and are at the same time easy to access, manage and control. So that quickly and at all times you can control and feel safe in your home.
We also offer a security camera control system that you can access even if you’re on vacation.

Industrial Warehouses

We provide solutions to your security needs.
Every industry is different so not all systems work everywhere equally. From Suroinco we do a thorough study of the risks that exist in your sector, we perform an analysis of thefts produced in similar businesses and with extensive experience in the sector, we advise you with the security elements you need for each location.
We also have 24 hr online surveillance. Being able to monitor perimeters, interiors, goods and the most important points of your business and industry.
We offer you personnel control tools, access control systems and presence control.


Your harvest and tools safe.
Suroinco has safety systems for your farm, agricultural warehose with advance protection for outdoors, with highly developed systems with animal immunity, inclement weather and that can control large surfaces with high reliability. Supported with real-time verified video surveillance and video systems from our Central Receiver. We got this, precision in the face of false alarms.


We know that your main occupation is to provide excellent service to your customers, we make sure that your till and control of your business is safe even if you are not.
Suroinco is responsible for offering you a wide range of security systems; from discreet cameras integrated into the environment, to advanced video control systems for your box, warehouse, kitchen or main objectives and security systems so that at the end of the day you can rest easy.


Every office, company and business is unique, so you need a protection system tailored to its features.
From Suroinco we know that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs on a daily basis face multiple occupations
And because we are aware of it, to facilitate your work we put at your disposal a wide range of tools that will help you not only protect and control your business, but also make your job easier and keep your business safe; we offer you elements such as access control systems, video surveillance, presence control, among others.